Pain Alleviation


Flotation REST in Applied Psychophysiology

REST-Assisted Relaxation and Chronic Pain

Flotation for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Effects of Flotation REST on the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy for Chronic Tension Headache


Stress Relief


Beneficial Effects of Treatment with Sensory Isolation in Flotation-Tank as a Preventive Health-Care Intervention

REST as a Stress Management Tool: A Meta-Analysis June 2005

Preventing Sick-leave for Sufferers of High Stress-load and Burnout Syndrome: Combining Psychotherapy and Flotation Tanks

Frameworks of Influence by Flotation-REST Upon Well-Being in Patients With Stress Related Ailments

Psychotherapeutic Treatment in Combination with Relaxation in a Flotation Tank: Effects on “Burn-Out Syndrome”

Quality of Life with Flotation Therapy for a Person Diagnosed with ADHD, Atypical Autism, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Eliciting the Relaxation Response With the Help of Flotation–REST in Patients With Stress- Related Ailments


Mental Acuity, Accuracy, Creativity and Resolve


Enhancing Perceptual-Motor Accuracy Through Flotation REST

The Use of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy in Treating Addictive Behaviors

The Use of Sensory Deprivation in a Programme of Weight Control

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique Improves Human Performance: Rifle Marksmanship

Memory Effects of REST

Effects of Flotation REST on Creative Problem Solving and Originality

Effects of Stress Versus Flotation-REST Relaxation on Creativity and Literacy skills

A Controlled Investigation of Right Hemispheric Processing Enhancement After (REST) With Floatation

Sensory Isolation in Flotation Tanks: Altered States of Consciousness and Effects on Well-being



Absorption of Magnesium Sulfate Across the Skin


Absorption of Magnesium Sulfate Across the Skin

Magnesium can significantly reduce anxiety and depression



More research

Here is a spreadsheet of 200+ Research Papers from the last 60 years on floating.

Spreadsheet provided courtesy of Float Tank Solutions